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Web-Based Remote Support without Pre-Installed Software

For PCs, Macs and Smartphones

Provide 24/7 tech support of remote PCs, Macs, and smartphones. With Rescue, your support teams can quickly access, view, and fix remote devices, without pre-installed software.
Rescue+Mobile: Fuel mobility with improved productivity and lower support costs. Learn more.
•   Increase first call resolution: Multi-session handling, Instant chat, technician collaboration and more help reduce escalations to level 2 support and solve more issues on the first call.
•   Decrease average call handle times. Advanced diagnostic, collaboration and reporting tools accelerate problem identification and resolution.
•   Reduce costly device returns. Diagnostic tools, device history and remote device configuration help technicians resolve more issues remotely and reduce unnecessary returns.
Your CEO calls from the airport to report that he can’t access the corporate network from his laptop. A sales manager can’t get to a critical app on her smartphone.
Is your support solution capable of securely supporting PCs, Macs and mobile devices – even without VPN connectivity?
When used for employee support, LogMeIn Rescue can help:
•   Reduce time to resolution
•   Free your employees to do what they do best
•   Provide anywhere, anytime support
LogMeIn Rescue helps you resolve more issues on first contact to keep employees happy and productive without raising the cost of IT.
In our customers' words
"Being able to see and control the remote devices from my computer is fantastic – and a huge time-saver. It takes the unnecessary steps out of the way."
— Walter Thompson, IS Specialist, NuStar Energy
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Customer support is the face of your company. It’s critical to your ability to retain customers, increase satisfaction and grow revenue. LogMeIn Rescue can help you improve customer satisfaction by solving issues quickly – often on the first call.
LogMeIn Rescue’s multiple connection methods make it easy for your customers to securely request and receive support:
•   Web-based chat
•   Code generator
•   Web link
•   Web form
•   Calling Card
•   SMS
Customer support organizations can help cut costs (and make customers happy) by decreasing average handle time and increasing first-contact resolution. This will also help reduce the number of escalations to level 2+ support and unnecessary product returns. white paper: Improving Customer Service Using Web-Based Support Tools
In our customers’ words
"With LogMeIn Rescue, we’ve reduced phone time on service calls by 30% to 50%, allowing us to assist more customers in the same amount of time."
— Bill Kellogg, VP Customer Service, ShowingTime
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Cardinal Tracking Improves Support Services Track Record
LogMeIn Rescue is built for contact centers and helpdesks and includes specific tools for technicians and supervisors that help you build and maintain a profitable and customer-focused contact center.
•   Web-based instant chat enables your technicians to begin the support process before starting a remote control session, providing them with a greater ability to multi-task and serve more customers.
•   Support for mobile devices provides the opportunity to differentiate your service and add additional support revenue.
•   Features such as technician monitoring, surveying and session history/notes help you boost the quality of your service and better understand the needs of your customers.
In our customers’ words
"LogMeIn Rescue is a better fit for our support team. We’ve gained a cost-effective, more streamlined solution that addresses all of ABS’ prerequisites."
— Eldon Brown, VP of Technology ABS Associates, Inc.
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Improve customer satisfaction with fast response, higher first-contact resolution rates and lower average handle times.
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Deliver secure, remote support to your high-value smartphone and broadband customers by giving your technicians the tools they need to fix issues remotely as if the device were at their fingertips. Your technicians can work with Windows Mobile, Symbian, and BlackBerry devices, in addition to remotely supporting PCs.
Improve customer satisfaction and lower costs with an enhanced, remote control-based end-user support experience. Also, help increase first-call resolution rates and lower average handle times.
LogMeIn Rescue can make it easier for your customers to securely request and receive support:
•   Use chat to communicate even when a second voice line is not available.
•   Simultaneously access your customer’s PC and smartphone to quickly resolve sync or content management issues.
More about LogMeIn Rescue for mobile devices
•   BlackBerry Support
•   Simulated & Supported Devices
•   Getting Started Guide
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