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Methods of Payment

Stanford ePay

Use Stanford ePay to pay electronically in U.S. Dollars (eCheck) and foreign currencies (International Funds Transfer). Stanford ePay is the fastest, most secure and convenient way for students or authorized payers to make payment 24/7. To log in,

  • Students: log into Axess and click the Stanford ePay link.
  • Authorized Payers: use the Authorized Payer link at (instructions sent by your student are required for the first log in).

International Funds Transfer (IFT) via Stanford ePay

Students paying in foreign currencies should use our IFT option within Stanford ePay. IFT offers favorable exchange rates and eliminates bank fees typically charged for wire transfers. In ePay, payment in foreign currencies are made via Western Union and automatically posted to the student account once received. See International Funds Transfer (PDF).

Note: The IFT reference number from the payment instructions must be included in the transfer from your bank to be credited to your student account. 

Learn more about how to use International Funds Transfer

Financial Aid and Student Permissions

Financial aid is automatically applied to specific charges on the university bill. To prevent a refund of aid when a student has a remaining balance due for the quarter, students can authorize Student Financial Services to apply aid funds to all charges within the quarter via "Student Permissions" in Axess. "Student Permissions" may be applied to all types of federal, state, institutional and outside financial aid with one exception: Federal Parent PLUS Loans. To grant Student Permissions,

  1. Log in to Axess
  2. Go to the Finances section of the page.
  3. Select View Student Permission from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on Grant Permissions.
  5. Read the Student Permission Agreement (PDF) and click Next (or Cancel).
  6. Check the box "Yes, I have read the agreement" and click Submit.

Once permission is granted, the authorization remains in place indefinitely unless the student withdraws it. To withdraw permission, students should contact the Student Services Center. Permission cannot be withdrawn directly via Axess.

Other Payment Options (PDF)