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Payroll Deduction


Payroll deduction provides an option for graduate student Research Assistants (RA) and Teaching Assistants (TA) to deduct a portion of their bi-monthly salaries for the purpose of paying tuition and fees. This allows graduate students to pay their university bill over several payments rather than in one lump sum.

Students may select from four categories of charges to be paid via payroll deduction.

  1. Housing and Fees
  2. Housing Only
  3. Pay All Charges
  4. Tuition Only

Only the student employee can authorize payroll deduction set-up by submitting an online request via Axess. Online requests are sent to Student Financial Services for review and set up to ensure that students meet eligibility requirements.


All the requirements below must be met:

  • graduate students who are appointed to a Research Assistantship (RA) or Teaching Assistantship (TA) position during the current academic year that has been fully approved by the department
  • have a minimum balance due on their quarterly university bill of $500 for the charge category selected
  • enroll in payroll deduction before the enrollment deadline¬†


The deadlines for graduate students to enroll in payroll deduction are stated below. The sign-up page for the new academic year will be available by September 15. We recommend that students enroll as early as possible once their TA or RA payroll is approved. Students may choose to enroll in payroll deduction for one full academic year at a time or for one quarter at a time.

Quarter Sign-up Deadline 1st Deduction 2nd Deduction 3rd Deduction 4th Deduction 5th Deduction 6th Deduction
Autumn Oct 15 Oct 22 Nov 7 Nov 22 Dec 7 Dec 22 Jan 7
Winter Jan15 Jan 22 Feb 7 Feb 22 Mar 7 Mar 22 Apr 7
Spring Apr 15 Apr 22 May 7 May 22 Jun 7 Jun 22 Jul 7
Summer Jul 15 Jul 22 Aug 7 Aug 22 Sep 7 Sep 22 Oct 7

The Payroll Deduction Plan status in Axess will indicate "Requested" once enrollment is completed. Review the status after the sign-up deadline to determine if Payroll Deduction was set up successfully.