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Curriculum for the Sociology Major

Core Requirements

The following core courses are required of majors (20 units):

  • SOC 170. Classics of Modern Social Theory  
    OR SOC 1. Introduction to Social Theory.
  • SOC 180A. Foundations of Social Research.
  • SOC 180B. Introduction to Data Analysis
  • SOC 200 or 202* Junior/Senior Seminar for Majors or Preparation for Honors Thesis.  * SOC 200 vs. SOC 202:  It is recommended that students take the Writing in the Major (WIM) requirement during Junior year or as early as possible during Senior year.  Students pursuing the regular BA should take SOC 200.  Students considering honors are encouraged to enroll in SOC 202, instead of SOC 200.  Click here for more information on the Sociology Honors program.

Foundation Courses

In addition to core courses, students must complete at least three foundation courses (15 units). Students must take 1 class in 3 different areas, for a total of 3 courses.  For detailed information, see Areas of Study. Foundation courses, classified by area of study, are as follows:

  • Organizations, Business, and the Economy: SOC 114, SOC 160, or SOC 162
  • Social Movements, Comparative Politics, and Social Change: SOC 106, SOC 118, SOC 119, or SOC 130
  • Social Psychology and Interpersonal Processes: SOC 2, SOC 120, SOC 121, or SOC 127
  • Social Stratification and Inequality: SOC 140, SOC 141, SOC 144, or SOC 149
  • Race, Gender, Immigration, Identity, and Policy: SOC 135, SOC 142, SOC 145, SOC 150, SOC 155, or SOC 164

Elective Courses

Four Social Science electives (20 units) are required for the major. You may take all four courses in Sociology if you wish. Students may choose their elective courses according to personal interest. Non-Sociology courses must be approved by the director of undergraduate studies. A maximum of 10 units taken in other Social Science departments (Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Political Science, Psychology) may be counted towards the 60 units required for the Sociology B.A.

Statistics Courses

Sociology majors are required to take at least one statistics course (5 units). The department suggests the courses listed below, or other comparable course with approval of the director of undergraduate studies.

  • SOC 181B. Sociological Methods: Statistics
  • STATS 60. Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus
  • PSYCH 10. Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus