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Mariette Conway

Personnel/Faculty Affairs Administrator
Office: Bldg. 120, rm. 160A
Phone: 650-725-9763

Daniela Fields

Undergraduate Student Services, Sociology and Urban Studies
Office: Bldg 120, Room 160C
Phone: 650-725-1731

Sihla Koop

Department Manager
Phone: 650-498-1635

Randy Michaud

Admin Associate and Events Coordinator
Office: Bldg. 120-160
Phone: 650-725-5772

Natasha Newson

Graduate Student Services
Office: Bldg. 120 - 160B
Phone: 650-724-2437

Chrystal Redekopp

Manager, Laboratory for Social Research
Office: Bldg. 120 - 210D
Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:00-3:00PM
Phone: 650-497-3209

Chrissy Stimmel

Finance Manager
Office: Bldg. 120, rm. 160
Phone: 650-725-0049