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Study Navigator 2.0

Study Navigator was redesigned in fall 2011 in response to user feedback and to better integrate it with our redesigned website.

Please update your bookmarks accordingly. Make sure you log in (top right of page) and go to the main Navigator page to access your studies or create a new study.

See below for some screenshots of the new features.

Studies List

Studies List

Improved searching and sorting of studies with easy-to-see information alerts.

Study Overview

Study Overview

New layout and organization with accordions and tabs with a “service completion” feature.

User-centric design


Two-month view of calendar and improved workflow.

Calendar of Events

Intake Form

Improved data validation and workflow.

We are continually looking to improve the user experience with the Study Navigator.
These are the major features introduced in 2012:

  • • CTRU services: incorporation of access to services
  • • Extended scheduling: combining calendars of multiple providers
  • • Synchronization with other administrative systems: OnCore, to ensure proper tracking and minimize duplicate data entry

Major features introduced in 2013:

  • • CTRU services: dashboard overview of CTRU requests including sorting by submissions and document updates
  • • Unobtrusive warning and security messages for users at the top of the screen
  • • Improved document security for PIs and Primary contacts with budget providers

Major features in the works:

  • • Synchronization with other administrative systems: SeRA, eProtocol, to ensure proper tracking
  • • Community Engagement services: access technical assistance appointments

If you have any specific suggestions, please send an email to

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