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Discover Stanford

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One of the world’s premier research institutions, Stanford devotes tremendous resources toward the betterment of humanity. Hundreds of initiatives—in everything from medicine to engineering, the environment to peace and national security—create an atmosphere humming with intelligence and excitement.

As a major Silicon Valley employer, Stanford seeks people committed to excellence. In turn, Stanford is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and collaboration, to promoting sustainability in its endeavors and to giving its employees what they need to develop their careers and enrich their lives.

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Stanford realizes its vision to create a better world in many ways, with particularly notable achievements in medicine and technology—and a global reputation for entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.

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United behind the effort of creating knowledge, Stanford staff are part of a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

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Much of the vitality of working at Stanford comes from diversity: people of all ages, races and interests; people from nearly every culture and corner of the world; people with differing backgrounds, goals and pursuits, working together in a community of cooperation and collegiality.

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Stanford staff thrive in positions from administration to athletics, communications to child development, finance to food services, where they apply their talents to improve both the university and the larger world and explore a wealth of opportunities for job and career growth. 

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Coeducational, nondenominational and practical from the start, Stanford has maintained a strong emphasis on social innovation and environmental stewardship.

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“Stanford” and “forward thinking” are nearly synonymous. From discoveries about the nature of cancer to entrepreneurial ventures that have resulted in such companies as Hewlett-Packard and Google to technologies enabling the Internet and more, Stanford people consistently take their work into new frontiers.

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There’s a vicarious excitement and enjoyment about feeling that you are a part of that greater mission—building a better future for all mankind.

Yona Shulaker

Research Compliance Analyst