What happens after the 6-month period ends?
How long does it take before I can start volunteering?
I am an EMT/Paramedic; can I volunteer in the Emergency Room for exposure and clinical hours?
Can I use my clinical training as a volunteer?
Can I volunteer as an RN or Physician at the hospital or in a clinic?
I will be traveling for 3 months (during the next 6 months), can I begin volunteering, then take a leave of absence?
Do volunteers wear uniforms?
I'd like to volunteer in Pharmacy, Sterile Processing or in Billing and Coding. Is this possible?
I'm looking for an internship; do you offer Internships or Externships?
I am interested in volunteering in a research lab; whom should I contact?
I'm visiting campus and the Bay Area for 2 weeks, can I volunteer for a short period of time?