BMR Interest List

The Below Market Rate (BMR) interest list is currently closed and no BMR applications are currently being accepted.

When the program is in operation, the Stanford affiliate must occupy the apartment as his/her principal place of residence in order to qualify for the BMR Rate. Resident must be employed at least 30 hours per week (75% FTE) at or above the minimum wage during the entire lease term. Lease term cannot exceed duration of Qualifying Employment.


Below Market Rent (BMR), subject to household income.

1a. Faculty
1b. Public Safety Officers
1c. Other staff
2a. SHC employees
2b. Visiting Fellows
2c. Employed on Stanford Lands


Below Market Rate Qualifications and Occupancy Requirements:  

Household Size Annual Household Income at Move-in Must Be Below
1 $59,400
2 $67,900
3 $76,400
4 $84,900
5 $91,650
6 $98,450
7 $105,250


Unit Type Minimum
Household Size
Household Size
1 Bedroom 1 Person 3 People
2 Bedroom 2 Person 5 People
3 Bedroom 3 Person 7 People


These rates may be increased in accordance with BMR regulations.

• 1 Bedroom    $964
• 2 Bedroom    $1,189
• 3 Bedroom    $1,632

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