The Stanford Roundtable for Science, Technology, and Society is a student group dedicated to creating and sustaining an open dialogue on the impact of science and technology on society. It aims to unite the sciences, humanities, and engineering disciplines in the pursuit of an intellectual community that cares about what scientific and technological change means for the present, the future and, more broadly, the human condition.

We are made up of a community of individuals who are passionate about ideas and big questions related to science, technology and society. But more than that, this is our response to sentiments that Stanford is an “anti-intellectual” campus whose liberal arts mission has been diluted due to its proximity to Silicon Valley and industry. We see college as more than a springboard that prepares us for working life or future careers, and we believe that college should be an intellectual journey in which questions pertaining to the human condition should not be left unexamined. The Stanford Roundtable for Science, Technology, and Society came about because we do not believe that the so-called "techie-fuzzie" divide should stop us from having meaningful conversations across disciplines. We have much to learn from one another.

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