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  1. Explore!
  2. Complete Form & Meet with Peer Advisor
  3. Make an Appointment to Declare
  4. Wait for Approval
  5. Meet with Faculty Advisor
  6. Notify STS of ALL Curriculum Changes and Updates


Examine the major requirements & identify possible courses: To begin, spend time learning about the STS major. On this website, you'll find the requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degrees and descriptions of the thematic concentration areas (each STS major must choose one). Discuss with friends and family members the best option for you and do some research to select classes from the approved STS course lists (available on our website) that connect with your academic interests. On ExploreCourses you can find descriptions of every course offered at Stanford.

Talk to a peer advisor: The STS Peer Advisors know the program inside-and-out and can advise you on everything from understanding the field of STS to creating a coherent, exciting course plan. If you have questions you would like to ask before you declare, stop by the peer advisor walk-in office hours. You can also email general questions to sts-advisors@stanford.edu

Take STS 1: It is strongly recommended that you complete our introductory course, STS 1: The Public Life of Science and Technology, before declaring the major. STS 1 introduces core concepts in the field and provides a foundation for future work. 

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Curriculum forms can be obtained on our website or from a Peer Advisor. Complete the form in pencil and include the quarter/year, units and title for each course requirement. Once your draft is complete, you will need to meet with a Peer Advisor during walk-in office hours (which are updated weekly as needed). If your curriculum proposal meets all STS requirements, the Peer Advisor will stamp and initial your form. You are now ready to schedule a declaration appointment. The declaration process does not happen same-day. You must have your curriculum form approved by a Peer Advisor before the end of Week 9, Spring Quarter, to declare before summer.

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After you've met with a peer advisor and have a stamped curriculum form, you may email the Undergraduate Advisor, Sierra Vallin, to make a major declaration appointment. You must be in person to declare. At your appointment, she will review your curriculum form and, if it meets all STS requirements, approve your declaration in Axess.

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After you have officially declared, the STS Associate Director, Dr. Kyoko Sato, will review your curriculum form for its intellectual coherence. If approved, she will sign off on your curriculum form. If Dr. Sato has comments or concerns, you will be notified of the changes you need to make to finalize your course of study in STS. The Undergraduate Advisor will send you an email summarizing Dr. Sato's review of your form and any next steps.

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After you declare, you will be assigned in Axess to a faculty advisor who is affiliated with STS. (Students who have a pre-existing relationship with an affiliated faculty member, and would like to request them as their advisor, must receive a signature of permission from that faculty member in order to be re-assigned). The role of your faculty advisor is to be an intellectual mentor. You must be proactive in scheduling an annual appointment with your advisor during their office hours to discuss your academic interests, goals and challenges.

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6. Notify sts of all curriculum changes and updates

If you need to modify your original course plan on file, you will need to submit a course change request (up to 3 changes) or come in to the STS office (more than 3 changes). All change requests must be submitted in the first two weeks of the applicable quarter for review. You are strongly encouraged to plan at least one quarter in advance.

All course changes are subject to approval by the STS Associate Director and Undergraduate Advisor who review each request in the context of your whole curriculum package. Not all pre-approved courses from the course menu may be approved for your individual plan. Last-minute unapproved changes may not be approved for graduation.

Prospective majors should join sts‐prospective@lists.stanford.edu for information on STS workshops and courses. Still have questions? Email sts‐advisors@stanford.edu.