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Incident Resolution Procedure

The basic procedural steps are outlined below. For a comprehensive review of the process please refer to the OCB Policies and Procedures.

  1. A complaint or concern is brought to the attention of the Office of Community Standards (OCS).
  2. The incident in question is investigated by the OCS.
  3. An Investigative Report is filed with the OCS.
  4. The associate vice provost and dean of students determines how to address the complaint:
    • Complaint/concern moves forward to a Formal Hearing
    • Complaint/concern is resolved administratively by the dean of students.
    • Complaint/concern is referred to a more appropriate university office for action.
    • Complaint/concern is dismissed.
  5. RSO is notified of the administrative actions imposed by the associate vice provost and dean of students (if any).
  6. Once the RSO has completely satisfied the administrative actions imposed against it and submitted documentation to this effect to the Dean of Student's Office, the case is closed.