Getting Started with Classroom Technology

How to Introduce Technology in Your Teaching

Introducing new technology into your courses may require help, as well as a familiarity with Stanford’s academic and computing resources. Here are the main ones Stanford faculty need to get started.

  • Classroom tech, network connections, and more:  Academic Computing Services
  • Mailing lists, discussion forums, and course web pages are easy to set up at
  • You may also find that students are excellent resources for designing new course materials. You may be able to use the technological savvy of TAs, work-study students, or current students to develop new materials.
  • For creating an online course, or a course with online components, VPTL is the place to start.  Besides resources, tips, and connections, they offer seed grants for creating such courses. Faculty and instructors should consult wtih VPTL:

Request a Consultation

Most faculty members who have worked on course websites or multimedia courseware have emphasized the importance of talking with colleagues already engaged in such work. They recommend building on the ideas of others who have developed successful, innovative instructional techniques and tools, even if they’re not in your discipline. According to UC Berkeley Professor Marcia Linn, this conversation is an important additional benefit of working with technology: “One of the things that technology is supporting in a way that is very desirable is partnerships across campus—multidisciplinary interactions that were not as common in the past.”