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  1. I am not "boycotting" anything. I choose to not patronize chefs who tacitly support deporting half the people they've ever worked with.

  2. Such a sad, sick man. No class!

  3. And I should add that the number of death threats inspired by your erroneous tweet seems unseemly for an officer of the court

  4. . suggests I personally yanked the guts out of a living duck. I did no such thing and only found out after the fact Precision plz

  5. County-level shipments of opioids data in West Virginia. This article.... Awesome research, devastating story.

  6. It's that time of year again :

  7. A shoutout to Shout Factory for putting out A beautiful, definitive blu-ray of TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. Thank you--

  8. Bill Withers pairs well with Ma Po Tofu it turns out. Also beer .

  9. NEW: 'The Big Sleep': Seventy Years Since Howard Hawks' Electrifying Film Noir Masterpiece

  10. Peru’s citizen crime-fighters have embraced social media—and brutal tactics. A Dispatched by :

  11. Huston’s meticulously calibrated THE ASPHALT JUNGLE combines nail-biting suspense with a mood of Chekhovian regret:

  12. : Congrats to and for being the for Best Unstructured Reality Show!” Thank you!

  13. His travel writing was unparalleled

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