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    9 hours ago

    We visited , the eyes and ears of the federal government when it comes to .

  2. 5 hours ago

    Providers: Make testing routine for patients aged 13-64, and talk about HIV risk with all of them.

  3. 8 hours ago

    Thank you all for joining this important conversation today.

  4. 8 hours ago

    A big thank you to today’s co-hosts, & !

  5. 8 hours ago

    Liked our graphics & GIF? Check out our social media resources

  6. 8 hours ago

    Want to know more about ? Follow for important consumer advice and recall info

  7. 8 hours ago

    We hope you learned some key holiday tips today. Remember to be food safe now and all year round!

  8. 8 hours ago

    T4: Make sure to divide large pots of soups/stews, and big roasts, into small quantities before refrigerating.

  9. 8 hours ago

    T4: Storing leftovers? Divide into smaller portions or pieces, place in shallow containers and refrigerate.

  10. 8 hours ago

    T3: Pregnant or know someone who is? Pregnant women are 10 times more likely than other people to get a infection that could harm them or their baby. Find out which foods to avoid.

  11. 8 hours ago

    T3: Some favorite foods are more likely to contain the germ Listeria, which can cause serious illness. Get tips to stay healthy:

  12. 8 hours ago

    T3: Did you can summer veggies? Before using or giving as gifts, make sure they were canned properly

  13. 8 hours ago

    T3: Cook egg dishes, such as casseroles and quiches, to an internal temperature of 160°F or hotter to kill harmful germs.

  14. 8 hours ago

    T3: Is homemade your favorite holiday beverage? Raw eggs can give you . Use pasteurized eggs

  15. 8 hours ago

    T3: Just a bite of batter? Doughn’t fall for it! Raw cookie and cake batter are not safe to eat.

  16. 8 hours ago

    T2: If microwaving food, follow package directions for stand or rest time for thorough cooking.

  17. 8 hours ago

    T2: Chill, don’t get ill! Keep cold foods in the refrigerator until ready to serve!

  18. 8 hours ago

    T2: Use a slow cooker on your buffet to keep hot foods above 140˚F.

  19. 8 hours ago

    T2: Perishable foods containing meat, poultry, fish or eggs should not sit at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

  20. 8 hours ago

    T2: Need helpful hints on how to plan a bacteria-free buffet?

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