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  1. Jun 2

    Peace in the world depends on our relating to each other with compassion.

  2. May 30

    Although bringing about inner change is difficult, it is absolutely worthwhile to try. What is important is to try our best.

  3. May 22

    Motivation is very important. We can show love, respect for others, and honesty in whatever we do to help humanity.

  4. May 19

    If human society loses the value of justice, compassion, and honesty, the next generation will face greater difficulties and more suffering.

  5. May 16

    The happiness of childhood, the calming of a child's fears and the healthy development of its self-confidence depend directly upon love.

  6. May 14

    HHDL recalls his mother's affection in this clip from his talk the University of Minnesota in 2011.

  7. May 12

    Money and power attract friends. But it’s not you they’re friends with — just your money and power. Only affection brings genuine friends.

  8. May 8

    If in day to day life you lead a good life, honestly, with love, compassion, and less selfishness, then automatically you will find peace.

  9. May 5

    The future can be different if we choose to make it so. There is no time for complacency, hope lies in what action we take.

  10. May 1

    Anger may seem to be a source of energy, but it’s blind. It causes us to lose our restraint. It may stir courage, but that too is blind.

  11. Apr 28

    HHDL speaks of the hope for a future compassionate world if we make effort now from his talk in Delhi on April 27th.

  12. Apr 26

    It is in the nature of the mind that the more we cultivate and familiarize ourselves with positive emotions, the more powerful they become.

  13. Apr 22

    This Earth Day we need a greater sense of global responsibility based on our belonging to one human family.

  14. Apr 17

    While material development contributes to physical comfort, mental comfort depends on compassion, which expresses itself as nonviolence.

  15. Apr 14

    It is not enough simply to wish that love and compassion grow within us. We need a sustained effort to cultivate such positive qualities.

  16. Apr 10

    The aim of spiritual practice is to transform and perfect our motivation and mental disposition, so we can become better human beings.

  17. Apr 3

    Positive emotions like compassion and loving kindness engender in us a deep sense of peace and serenity, and benefits others as well.

  18. Mar 31

    We can make this a more peaceful century if we cherish non-violence and concern for others’ well-being.

  19. Mar 27

    Some scientists have found evidence to show that basic human nature is compassionate. This is a really hopeful sign.

  20. Mar 20

    All religions have the potential to create better human beings—but no one religion can claim supremacy over the other.

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