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Director of CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP) Following/being followed ≠ endorsement.

Policy: go.usa.gov/YjNP
Joined May 2010


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  1. Check out ’s slide set on surveillance report highlights and learn what’s going on with :

  2. Recently released 2016 School Profiles indicate that too few school districts offer health services, counseling, psychological, or social services through school-based health centers, a significant missed intervention opportunity.

  3. The new CDC High-Impact Prevention (HIP) web site is live! HIP is a public health approach to disease prevention in which cost-effective and scalable interventions are evaluated & implemented to prevent the most disease.

  4. Dec 5

    A can be prevented with a safe and effective vaccine, which caused dramatic decline in new cases in recent years. See who should be vaccinated:

  5. Dec 5

    Will you be joining TODAY's CDC’s town hall teleconference on “Increasing Testing to Reduce Diagnosis Delays”? It’s from 2-3PM ET this afternoon. Here’s more info:

  6. Dec 4

    Find out if you should get tested or vaccinated for viral by taking CDC’s quick online hepatitis risk assessment:

  7. Dec 4

    9,272 U.S. cases reported in 2016 - the lowest number of TB cases on record in the United States. But current trends are not enough to reach the goal of elimination in this century. More info:

  8. Dec 4

    There is currently no vaccine to prevent C. Fortunately, once diagnosed, most people with can be cured in just 8 to 12 weeks, which reduces their risk for liver cancer. Learn more:

  9. Dec 1

    We’re closer than ever to . This World Day, let’s join together & end it for good.

  10. Dec 1

    Public Health partners: The World AIDS Day theme is “Increasing Impact through Transparency, Accountability, and Partnerships”. See what CDC is doing about :

  11. Dec 1

    One of the best ways to observe World AIDS Day is to get tested. Use our testing site locator to find a place for and testing.

  12. Dec 1

    TODAY is World AIDS Day! : Started in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day.

  13. Nov 30

    Communicate data visually; create maps, tables, and charts of the new 2016 data in CDC’s AtlasPlus!

  14. Nov 30

    Knowing your status is crucial--about 40% of HIV transmissions come from people who don’t know they are living with HIV. Prompt diagnosis is prevention.

  15. Nov 30

    The B virus can be passed from an infected woman to her baby at birth. recommends vaccination for all infants at birth. Learn more:

  16. Nov 30

    Inspired by and learning a lot from my and health department colleagues over the last couple of days at !

  17. Nov 29

    By eliminating B and C as public health threats by 2030, 90,000 deaths would be prevented. The 2017 National Progress Report shares our vision to . See:

  18. Nov 29

    There is good news about viral ! We have tools such as vaccines that protect people from HepB and HepA infection, new treatments that cure , and prevention programs that work.

  19. Nov 29

    Millions of Americans have viral . It is a massive public health burden and a major cause of sickness and death. We are determined to fight this disease burden and its accompanying health inequity.

  20. Nov 29

    Was at the ’s meeting last night. Inspirational conversations about how to !

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