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  1. Aug 16

    Engineering Project Organization Journal is now Open Access with no author fee - check it out NOW-submit your work!

  2. Aug 16

    Are you working on an EPOS Grand Challenge area?

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    Jun 7

    Senior faculty panel at awesome opportunity for PhD students to hear from legends

  4. Retweeted
    Jun 7

    Really impressed by the quality of the PhD students at great theory and insights! The kids rocks!

  5. Jun 7

    ... to rethinking risk representation & perceptions in designing infrastructure to thinking about social value as ongoing process

  6. Jun 7

    Theoretical Perspectives Plenary: Final 3 papers point to importance of the social, from infrastructure as institutional relics...

  7. Jun 7

    Theoretical Perspectives Plenary: First 3 papers deal with modularity/ decomposition, ecosystem and co-evolution, and disruption

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    Jun 7

    GPO student discusses differences in methods used to identify and rank priorities at – at Stanford Sierra Conference Center

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    Jun 7

    If you want to learn more about 'construction capacity' or supply chains, lets chat at

  10. Jun 7

    Vedran Zerjav & Andrew Edkins on supporting decision-makers in urban transportation development & articulating what 'value' means

  11. Jun 7

    Jeannie Purchase asks what effective public involvement means, according to whom?

  12. Jun 7

    Miriam Hacker examines legitimacy in planning appropriate responses to providing water utilities in light of refugee crisis

  13. Jun 7

    Allie Davis compares different methods for identifying community priorities for sanitation systems

  14. Jun 7

    Colin Duffield giving us a snapshot of the Australian construction market and its resilience to deliver megaprojects

  15. Retweeted
    Jun 7

    GPO Student calculates construction capacity in post-tornado rebuilding for residential housing at – at Stanford Sierra Conference Center

  16. Jun 7

    Our founder, Ray Levitt, leading a hike and discussing risk, complexity, and network stability!!

  17. Jun 7

    Day 3 starting. Great to have the EPOS and megaproject communities together. Great discussions!!

  18. Jun 6

    Juliano Denicol: Vanguard projects are key in developing and transferring learning across megaprojects

  19. Jun 6

    Don Lessard: How do you change the mindset to make megaprojects work? Localise, localise, and hope others will emulate

  20. Jun 6

    Don Lessard: We need a new hierarchy of megaprojects to break down complexity into the modular and 'mini-mega'

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