Robert Harrington


Stanford University cardiologist and clinical researcher. Interested in health related research, policy and innovative learning tools.

Stanford, CA
Joined July 2009


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    Sep 8
  2. Sep 5

    Proud of in this new role. Looking forward to seeing what accomplished and excited for

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    Sep 2

    The Role of P Values and Hypothesis Tests in Clinical Research

  4. Aug 29

    Glad that you got to spend time w the teacher's teacher: Nish! No one better as an educator.

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    Aug 27

    COMPASS shows reduc of 22% in CV dth & 18% in all-cause dth @ 3 yrs w/ Riva 2.5 mg bid+ASA vs ASA mono

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    Aug 27

    STAT is overall doing a great job, but headlines like this discredit its good reporting. Not the first time.

  7. Aug 26

    PARAGON and PARADIGM. RCTs w lamifiban. Good memories doing trials w colleagues around globe. Many thanks for kind note.

  8. Aug 26

    Fun here on campus Missing our friends and colleagues but this was a could not miss event

  9. Aug 26

    Thanks to and alumni association for providing w stethoscope at

  10. Aug 25

    Thanks ! I referenced Dr Stead's 1967 paper calling for a new role in medicine: the physician assistant profession.

  11. Aug 25

    More from Great keynote on importance of team based care

  12. Aug 25

    Congrats to first class entering MS program studies. keynote. Youngest daughter

  13. Aug 25
  14. Aug 24

    He was a good man. Kind. Thoughtful. I met him during the CARS trial. I was a fellow but he treated me as a colleague.

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    Aug 23

    Broken Research? Fixing the Future of Clinical Trials- discussion w/ , & Dr. E. Magnus Ohman

  16. Aug 21

    Different issue than the GUSTO paper. No doubt on Tn relationship w outcome. The need for CKMB is for certain clinical situations, i.e. reMI

  17. Aug 20

    Easy to dismiss CKMB in favor of Tn. But has it right. Need for some clinical settings. Don't discard yet.

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    Aug 18

    Medical educators from around the world gather at our symposium to foster clinical teaching skills: Join us 9/28-30!

  19. Aug 18

    Great to see pushing science and policy around and cardiology more broadly.

  20. Aug 16

    Somewhat surprising result but that's why we do the trials. Kudos to investigators for carrying this out.

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