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  1. Dec 7

    Europe could better handle its refugee crisis by rethinking its asylum system. IPL's Jens Hainmueller explains on 's World Class Podcast:

  2. Dec 4

    How to find better ways to help resettled refugees acclimate to their new homes? Enlist them as co-designers of new services:

  3. Nov 28

    Expanding Prenatal Care to Unauthorized Immigrant Women leads to improvements in the number of prenatal visits & screenings during pregnancy & reductions in adverse outcomes and increases in vaccination rates for babies

  4. Nov 20

    "The party bet that latching onto the refugee crisis would give it purchase on the votes necessary to win." Jan T. Gross op-ed illustrates why making immigration work is among the greatest challenges of our time:

  5. Nov 17

    Most want to become citizens, but the US naturalization rate has plummeted. What holds them back? For many, it's the price tag:

  6. Nov 15

    These DACA rejections affect not just dreamers but also their kids—US citizens growing up under fear of having a parent deported:

  7. Nov 2

    Backlog in US immigration courts—new hearings scheduled as far off as 2022. Long wait has high costs, we found:

  8. Oct 26

    How much coverage does immigration get from , , and ? Check out this chart:

  9. Oct 25

    Global flow of requires our attention now more than ever.

  10. Oct 24
  11. Oct 20

    Why ' access to health care matters for the next generation:

  12. Oct 18

    65.6 million people worldwide forced from home due to conflict or persecution

  13. Oct 16
  14. Oct 12

    The religious mix of refugees arriving in America has remained fairly constant

  15. Oct 12

    In Italy, gaining legal status reduced undocumented immigrants' crime rate:

  16. Oct 9

    How do immigrants balance ethnic and national identities? Hear about the latest research at seminar:

  17. Oct 4

    Exciting opportunity: Join the IPL team and help shape immigration policy as a postdoctoral fellow:

  18. Sep 26

    Europe's Muslim communities are reshaping progressive politics, says IPL's Rafaela Dancygier:

  19. Sep 18

    DACA has health implications for millions of America's children, from

  20. Sep 18

    People generally support refugees, but resettling refugees next door remains challenging. IPL's explains:

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