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  1. 18 hours ago

    The experts' topline message: Don't harden schools. Make them softer, by improving social and emotional health.

  2. 21 hours ago

    Pictures can help older kids connect emotionally and give them a place to focus their attention.

  3. 22 hours ago

    In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, gathered a list of their best social and emotional learning resources for building a culture of safety, kindness, and upstanding in school.

  4. Mar 7

    It’s too soon to know how well the free pilot program mixing online and in-person learning will work, but without it, AP physics in this rural Mississippi district “would not exist,” says Holmes County Superintendent.

  5. Mar 6

    More than 8 out of 10 kids say it would help kids be kinder if every kid had a person in their lives who really cared and listened.

  6. Mar 6

    Simone Marean of says it’s crucial adults start helping girls engage in productive conflict, acknowledge and grow from mistakes, develop emotional intelligence and take responsibility for the role they each play in social situations.

  7. Mar 4

    Learning is not linear! But sometimes we pretend that it is by and

  8. Mar 3

    Several studies indicate that grade skipping is largely beneficial for able children and devoid of significant drawbacks. But many worry about the social effects

  9. Mar 3

    Students need more than just a few scattered stories: "We need to give them a large literary room of characters to connect with"

  10. Mar 3

    "Once you expose it to them it's like a game for them, seeing, 'Hey, I'm not sure I can trust this.' "

  11. Mar 3

    This slice of forest is owned by a district and includes classrooms, trails, prairie, chickens, gardens and a pond

  12. Mar 3
  13. Mar 2

    Student artists not only learn to take and value critique from peers and teachers, but they are gradually learning how to evaluate their own work

  14. Mar 2

    Unlike many tools that try to keep students within the program as much as possible, is designed to meld face-to-face interaction with online

  15. Mar 2

    There's no link between school climate and socioeconomic status. In other words, there are plenty of happy schools in low-income neighborhoods

  16. Mar 2

    Often times teachers feel like district staff are out of touch with the reality of the classroom, but instructional coaches can broaden their impact with the right strategies

  17. Mar 2

    "With a mentor, young people are more likely to stay in school, hold leadership positions, volunteer regularly, go to college and become mentors themselves"

  18. Mar 2

    The Stoneman Douglas students are just with really good teachers at a school with resources. They are a testament to what public schools can produce if students have support at home and in well-funded schools

  19. Mar 2

    Teacher teams get proactive about addressing one of their biggest classroom challenges, the many students live in

  20. Mar 2

    Any child from birth to 5 — before they head off to kindergarten — is eligible for the program that sends a book in the mail every month with ideas for to extend the experience


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