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  1. er·go·nom·ic: intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury. by Tamer Shabani, ’14

  2. : What was the first time capsule to be buried in the Quad?

  3. পুনঃ টুইটকৃত

    The sixth mass extinction could "easily ruin the lives of everybody on the planet," Prof. warns:

  4. Your view from the stands. Newly minted alums turn to applaud those who made their Stanford years possible.

  5. Stanford alumni collaborate to make pre-owned bike buying easier for you

  6. Remember studying here in Green Library?

  7. পুনঃ টুইটকৃত

    We are now entering the sixth mass extinction, says Prof. Paul Ehrlich:

  8. Great compilation of summer reading books to read by alumns:

  9. from 110 years ago. What's different from the Inner Quad you remember?

  10. Summer power nap on campus.

  11. Congrats to the student-athletes and alums for winning the Directors’ Cup 21 years in a row!

  12. +10 additions to the alumni family considered by The Daily to be the top departing student-athletes.

  13. Stanford researcher identifies strategy to guide consumers to green energy choices.

  14. Check out the 124th Commencement ceremony welcoming Stanford ’15 to the alumni community.

  15. পুনঃ টুইটকৃত

    .: "You are about to start your adventures. Don't be afraid. Take the leap. Take it every time."

  16. Stanford Class of ’15 Wacky Walks into the real world today at Stanford's 124th Commencement Ceremony. Tune in live:

  17. Commencement weekend is in full swing and photos are coming in starting with last night's Senior Dinner on the Quad.

  18. Thank you, President Hennessy. You gave us today’s Stanford, rooted in our yesterdays and ready for our tomorrows.

  19. Nerd glasses, a piece of Meyer and a key to Faison #206. Memories in the ’15 Time Capsule will be sealed tomorrow

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