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  1. On today, digs into racism, pop culture and why "We Gon’ Be Alright."

  2. Stanford's Sophomore College is in full swing. These students are working on photography with Jonathan Calm:

  3. Ecologist Lauren Oakes used music to help her describe her doctoral work on the decline of yellow-cedars in Alaska.

  4. .'s discusses his new book, and civil rights movements with .

  5. . turns data into music, including this piece using an Alaskan forest as orchestra.

  6. Nate Sloan writes, produces and teaches music, but didn't want to be a musician.

  7. Truly resting could help you be more . (Note: Resting your brain could mean exercising vigorously.)

  8. With no keys and 2.5K characters, "Chinese typewriters are exquisite machines" and technologies, Tom Mullaney says.

  9. medical narrative contest! ( a judge: no pressure!😂) details here, & publication likely, too.

  10. Professor Kathryn Starkey's translation of a medieval German poet's songs reveals an unconventional take on romance.

  11. Three created an international gallery to benefit artists, collectors and its owners, in that order.

  12. Stanford Arts ಹಿಂಬಾಲಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ , , ಮತ್ತು9 ಇತರರು
    • @AllisonCMeier

      Staff Writer , formerly editor . Cemetery guide & explorer. From Oklahoma, but based in NYC. Currently visiting NYC's greatest trees.

    • @rocketgirlmd

      Clinical Asst Professor . Widow of neurosurgeon-writer Paul Kalanithi.

  13. .: Venture capitalists "are increasingly important members of the California art world."

  14. Did you catch , '07, at the ?

  15. During the 20th century, China had a tumultuous relationship to Beethoven. Now, classical music is booming there.

  16. Contemporary art is “by far, the most popular" in U.S. university art history programs, Prof. Richard Meyer writes.

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