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The Stanford Neurosciences Institute draws from multiple disciplines to understand the brain, provide treatments for brain disorders and promote brain health.

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    . Faculty Search in Statistical and Computational Neuroscience

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    Sep 8
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    Sep 6

    What's vision's role in fear? Stanford neurobiologist Andrew Huberman and his colleagues are using to find out:

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    Sep 5
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    Aug 31
  6. Q&A with @JesseBromez How the brain learns to recognize faces & how to use Pokémon to study brain function

  7. The bionic vision system based on photovoltaic implants, is waiting to be approved for use in Europe

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    Aug 25

    .'s Ron Davis calls chronic fatigue syndrome “last major disease about which we know almost nothing.”

  9. Of the 37 million Americans who suffer from migraines, a few million progress to a chronic stage. Why?

  10. "The most important things are maintaining focus & perseverance; you can never, never, never quit." Dr. Rabia Qaiser

  11. "All too often patients are just abstract concepts to physicists & engineers" Alfredo Dubra

  12. "Tobacco smoking causes more than four times the number of deaths caused by car accidents.”

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    Aug 17

    Building an apparatus to study fish, Danielle Katz '17, MS '17, grew inspired to pursue mechanical engineering.

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    Aug 24

    Faculty Search in Statistical and Computational Neuroscience

  15. "We live in an era when we are starting to overcome the limitations imposed on us by our biological nature"

  16. New “genome cloaking” technique blocks private data, just as moon blocks sun during eclipse

  17. Strong association found between vision loss and cognitive decline

  18. "Imagine taking people who are losing their vision and helping them hold on to what they have" J. Goldberg

  19. Smoking is outlawed in public places in the U.S. Yet people continue to smoke, and many do not try to quit. Why?

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