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    Sep 8

    US talks could avoid misunderstandings, miscalculations or misinterpretations that could begin war .

  2. Sep 8

    An explanation from CISAC Nuclear Security Visiting Scholar

  3. Sep 7

    . calls for negotiations with North Korea in this new interview:

  4. Sep 7

    CISAC co-founder, John Lewis, China & DPRK expert, staunch believer in educated cooperation as a policy tool, dies:

  5. Sep 4

    . in on how not to threaten N. Korea: "Trump is committing deterrence malpractice."

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    Aug 31

    Read on AI and jobs, one of the most important issues of our time. cc:

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    Sep 1

    Welcome Rod Ewing to your first day as co-director!

  8. Retweeted
    Sep 1

    Has terrorism changed since 9/11? What does "radicalized" mean? Martha Crenshaw tells World Class w/ Michael

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    Sep 1
  10. Retweeted
    Sep 1

    improved the mental health of US children, says a report by Jens Hainmueller

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    Sep 1

    "We are at a time in US-Russia relations that is more confrontational than the last years of the Cold War,"

  12. Sep 1

    Congratulations to Rod Ewing, who is CISAC's new co-director for the sciences: story and bio

  13. Retweeted
    Aug 31

    4 yrs after Bush tore up our agreement w , they did their first nuclear test. Let's not do that w !

  14. Aug 31

    . in WSJ on Venezuela: “The economic crisis is the unpredictable element going forward."

  15. Retweeted
    Aug 30

    . tells us about the planet-wide effects of on & human health

  16. Retweeted
    Aug 29

    We're excited to announce global & expert Ertharin Cousin joins FSE as visiting scholar

  17. Retweeted
    Aug 29

    "This time, we would be the dinosaurs": Paul Edwards explains how nuclear war could affect humans and the Earth.

  18. Retweeted
    Aug 31
  19. Aug 30

    . explains why the U.S. & South Korea should conditionally end joint military exercises:

  20. Aug 30

    . says a financial collapse in Venezuela poses serious ramifications for the entire region:

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