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  1. Jun 6

    Don't miss tomorrow's webinar HACKED! Security Lessons from Big Name Breaches, with Neil Daswani. Register today!

  2. May 10

    This concludes our "designingyourlife" . A recording will be available on our YouTube channel soon!

  3. May 10

    People who win the lotto go back to the same pre-win emotional state after 18 months.

  4. May 10

    More money =/= more happiness, once you have enough. The idea money = happiness is toxic.

  5. May 10

    Q1: What is the role of money in this concept? A: Once you have enough money and means, incremental amounts have no effect.

  6. May 10

    Takeaways: you CAN and HAVE TO design your life. How you frame your experiences is how you find meaning.

  7. May 10

    "If I resonate with the way I imagine my future, then I'm on the right track."

  8. May 10

    Learn your way into building experiences, try things, prototype your life. Imagine your future.

  9. May 10

    "I'm successful, but it steals a piece of my soul everyday to go to work." "I'm stuck." "I hate the work I'm doing."

  10. May 10

    Built to think. Make something to provoke the world to get people to talk about it and build the prototype of your life.

  11. May 10

    Brainstorm the way designers do to solve your gravity problems. Come up with and work on several ideas. Build and test your way forward.

  12. May 10

    Solving gravity problems: step 1 is accept it and turn empathy onto ourselves.

  13. May 10

    Gravity problems aren't problems; it's circumstances. If you just want to complain about them, it's a gravity problem.

  14. May 10

    Gravity Problems: problems that repeat, can't be solved, and results in feeling defeated.

  15. May 10

    Adjusting or re-distributing your engagements can help you alter your energy state.

  16. May 10

    In your weekly chart, look at what consumes and generates energy and adjust your activities.

  17. May 10

    Energy fun facts! What we attend to is what we spend our neural energy on. Look for positive and negative energy flows.

  18. May 10

    In your weekly chart, look for moments of flow.

  19. May 10

    Here is Burnett's energy chart. There are 2 points of flow in his week, where he loves what he's doing and is energized.

  20. May 10

    Take entries from your flow journal, add engagements from your weekly calendar, plot them into a chart.

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