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At the Stanford School of Engineering, we seek solutions to important global problems and educate leaders who will make the world a better place.

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  1. Computer scientist Jure Lescovec discusses the power of social networks.

  2. Researchers can now analyze your genes with near-complete privacy.

  3. How do you get the most out of a global team?

  4. More than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science.

  5. Is hierarchy bad for organizations?

  6. Stanford University engineers have developed energy-saving smart windows that darken in 30 seconds.

  7. A Stanford professor proposes creating an artificial eclipse to image extrasolar planents.

  8. Some of the world's tiniest crystals can organize themselves into structures that look like superlattices.

  9. A rust innate to these new semiconductor materials may lead to computer chips with atom-thin circuits.

  10. NEW STUDY: Autism may reflect excitation-inhibition imbalance in the brain.

  11. Did Stanford researchers just find a way to help refill California aquifers?

  12. Computer scientists have built an editing tool that could eliminate the drudgery of the film editing process.

  13. Meet the engineer who is creating Waze for cancer research.

  14. They set out to design a camera for robots. Here's what they built.

  15. This new “vine-like” robot could prove useful in search-and-rescue operations and medical applications.

  16. Researchers have figured out how to input new information into the brain that can restore lost senses.

  17. This propellor is from William F. Durand and Everett P. Lesley's early wind tunnel tests at Stanford in 1916.

  18. Where's the beef? How plants could be used to build a better burger.

  19. A new algorithm can diagnose heart arrhythmias better than a cardiologist.

  20. The key to making fleets of self-driving cars might be found in an unlikely source: autonomous space robots.

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