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The Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies (IPS) is a professional, interdisciplinary MA program at Stanford University.

Stanford, CA
Joined October 2009


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  1. Sep 8

    Check out the Washington Post article by CISAC pre-doc and IPS Alum '13

  2. Sep 5

    New biosecurity initiative launched by FSI

  3. Retweeted
    Aug 29

    . is reaching out to students affected by . If you need help, Stanford contacts are here.

  4. Retweeted

    "I do not see this as elevating Xi to the stature of Mao," Thomas Fingar tells

  5. Aug 22

    Can Trump make a deal with North Korea? FSI senior fellow Sigfried Hecker weighs in:

  6. Retweeted
    Aug 17

    Putin, Trump & Russia's return to power. Listen to the launch of "World Class with Michael " w/ .

  7. Aug 16

    The wise man Trump should listen to

  8. Aug 9

    Margaret Williams '18 examines how U.S. nuclear policies can be structured to help international nuclear stability.

  9. Aug 9

    FSI Senior Fellow William Perry weighs in on North Korea.

  10. Retweeted
    Aug 2

    Today in studios, our interviews Marryam Khan of on her fight against terrorism in Pakistan!

  11. Retweeted
    Aug 2

    . explains in this NPR podcast about how U.S. intel agencies work together, who's in charge, and more:

  12. Retweeted
    Aug 2

    Whether you live in a city or small town, the is at your door, says 's

  13. Retweeted
    Aug 2

    "Economic development is already changing North Korea and might be its greatest motivation to come to the table..."

  14. Retweeted
    Aug 1

    "We needed every single one of those people when I worked there," said on staffing the US embassy in Russia 

  15. Aug 1

    NPR interview with FSI Director Mike McFaul on Russia's expulsion of US diplomatic staff

  16. Aug 1

    PBS Newshour Interview with FSI senior fellow Sig Hecker on recent developments in North Korea

  17. Retweeted
    Jul 26

    "Hacking for Defense directly tackles the problems of the armed services and intelligence agencies."

  18. Retweeted
    Jul 20

    It's good for a president to meet w/ other heads of state, less so when he focuses on just 1, on dinner

  19. Retweeted
    Jul 14

    The Russian intelligence services will be emboldened if the US doesn't sanction Russia, says FSI's

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    Jul 13

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