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Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (Seed) - creating economic opportunities in developing economies that benefit people living in poverty

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Joined April 2013


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  1. May 13

    Congratulations to the team for organizing an amazing conference - 's largest.

  2. May 13

    "If you're able to feed a nation, you're able to feed the dreams of a nation." Tara Gitau, CEO

  3. May 13

    Tackling a business challenge for with design thinking.

  4. May 13

    Banks will survive by shifting from customer service to customer experience. - Segun Agbaje, CEO

  5. May 13

    "We're here to build a bridge-that goes both ways-between Stanford, Silicon Valley and developing economies."

  6. May 13

    "When people see the opportunities in Africa, they're always astonished at what's going on."

  7. May 13

    "Lots of the problems in Africa are solutions that need to be solved and turned into businesses." Dr. Charles Yeboah

  8. May 13

    “We only have 10% of the managers we need in Africa today.” , Partner,

  9. May 13

    In manufacturing, “higher quality may be defined as customization.” , Partner,

  10. May 13

    We're off to a great start!

  11. May 13

    "We are going to build the Uber and Amazon for agriculture" in Africa.

  12. May 13

    Ready to kick off 10th Annual Stanford Africa Business Forum!

  13. May 12

    We are live-tweeting sessions of the Stanford Africa Business Forum tomorrow! Learn more: .

  14. Retweeted
    23 Apr 2016

    Great panel with Alline Kabbatende & Stephen Ozoigbo on Technology & essential services.

  15. Retweeted
    23 Apr 2016

    Entrepreneurship. Technology. Business. "Creating local value" theme at stanford Africa Business Forum

  16. 23 Apr 2016

    “It’s time for a green revolution in Africa.” Tarik Choho, Managing DIrector,

  17. 23 Apr 2016

    "Africa is a green field. Things don’t exist just because no one has asked, why not?"

  18. 23 Apr 2016

    Governments must align education toward businesses of the future or the push for Africa rising will not happen.@AlexAdjeiBram

  19. 23 Apr 2016

    Social media is giving more power to people. In Kenya there’s Tweet Force . You don’t mess with those guys.@AlexAdjeiBram

  20. 23 Apr 2016

    “Governments that push investment in the right things [e.g. STEM] will be much further ahead in tech.",

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