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  1. Depth and consistency around the board powered to the 63rd conference title in program history:

  2. Kelsey Plum caught fire. did all it could to keep up but fell just short in an early tourney exit:

  3. The pitchers kept the best lineup in the country in check as Stanford handed No. 2 Vandy its 1st loss:

  4. The bats came alive in the Hawaiian Islands as took four of five at the 2016 Aloha Tournament:

  5. Missing Akash Modi certainly didn't help as the No. 2 Cardinal fell to the No. 1 Sooners:

  6. Five goals from Kat Klass got off to a fast start in MPSF play in a 17-3 win over SJSU:

  7. Make that eight straight for , please.

  8. The first career clincher from Caroline Lampl pushed past UA, but ASU bested Stanford later on:

  9. . falls to Arizona State but seeks to bounce back when it takes on Arizona on Saturday:

  10. No. 3 looks to keep its seven-match win streak alive as it travels south to take on No. 10 Pepperdine:

  11. . will host over 700 participants in the Stanford Treeathlon this weekend:

  12. This weekend, hopes to take down top-ranked Oklahoma, while faces UCLA and Georgia:

  13. After training all year, is set to kick off its season, hosting the Stanford Tourney this weekend:

  14. . shares his thoughts on DeflateGate appeals, Steph Curry and...Super Tuesday? Read all about it here:

  15. . has a chance to prove it can compete with the elite when it hosts No. 2 Vanderbilt this weekend

  16. . kicks off its outdoor season this weekend in the California Outdoor Opener:

  17. Columnist Winston Shi is all for adding to the fun by bringing Kevin Durant to Golden State:

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