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    Sep 8

    2017 runs from 09/14 - 09/22! Tag or to share your experience with us!

  2. Sep 8

    Loving the snack giraffe keeping students nourished at 2017: "Adventures in Design Thinking"

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    Sep 8

    This week students in are tackling the challenge to Reimagine volunteering.

  4. Sep 8

    Excited for the rest of our 2017 courses to begin on Monday!

  5. Sep 8

    Just one of the activities students practiced in day 1 of : "Adventures in Design Thinking"

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    Sep 7

    Through improv we learned the power of showing up on behalf of someone else; changing your response to failure to one that is positive [...]

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    Sep 7
    Replying to

    [...] ] paying attention, listening, and speaking with intention; and jumping in and choosing to say yes, lets!

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    Sep 7

    The wonderful welcomes the students in the best possible way. With play!

  9. Sep 7

    Officially rolling into ! Thx to all our instructors for helping create another fantastic opportunity for

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    Sep 6

    The teaching team for will be tweeting all weekend. Follow along for behind-the-scenes updates from the class.

  11. Sep 6
  12. Aug 30

    Lessons about from those who do it best - More about at Stanford:

  13. Aug 28
  14. Retweeted
    Aug 7

    ., WISE Ventures & welcome today for a full-house talk at Clark Auditoruim.

  15. Jul 31

    NEXT Mon: shares thoughts on campus inequity and injustice. Hosted by +!

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    Jul 27

    I admire & broader efforts to advance diversity & inclusion through innovative projects created by community members

  17. Jul 19

    "Don’t allow others to pressure you into doing something that you have no interest for just for the sake of checking boxes."

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    May 31

    Love the story of DARE Fellow Tiffany Brannon via Sisters are vital in our journeys.

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    Jun 8
  20. Jun 6

    REMINDER: Apply to by this Sun., 6/11! Courses take place 2 wks before Fall Qtr. See courses here:

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