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  1. How could we have been better prepared for and ?:

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    Sep 1
  3. 7 hours ago

    assessment is one of the best tools we have to understand risks and take action:

  4. Sep 9

    Why are there 3 active hurricanes (2 major ones) in the Atlantic? Noah Diffenbaugh discusses on

  5. Sep 8
  6. Sep 8

    'A high-tech mirror-like optical surface could be the future of lower-energy air conditioning and refrigeration'

  7. Sep 8

    Climate science has shown that global warming is upping odds of extreme precipitation & storm surge—Noah Diffenbaugh

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    Aug 30

    Reminder! Applications due Sept 22 for our FREE workshop. Teams of managers & scientists encouraged:

    , , and 7 others
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    Sep 8
  10. Sep 8

    Blue Planet Prize winner Gretchen Daily had a great time - the podcast is up. Listen here:

  11. Sep 8

    Scientists are working on & getting closer to understanding influence on individual extreme events

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    Sep 6

    With the raging in the West, we can look back our insight exploring the relationship btwn fire &

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    Sep 7

    2013 Smith Fellow - currently at but headed north in 2018 to be Asst Prof

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    Sep 7
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    Sep 7

    "...results suggest that the InVEST model can provide valuable information on nutrient fluxes to decision makers...."

  16. Sep 7
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    Sep 7

    Congrats to Rosemary Knight & SkyTEAM as finalists in the Indonesian Peat Prize for using the same tech they used to map aquifers in CA!

  18. Sep 7

    CA is 1st proof of concept w/ gov program that credits standing forests —Christa Anderson

  19. Sep 7

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