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  1. And that's a wrap! Thanks for following along. Signing off,

  2. Congrats to the makeathon winners! Using block chain technology to verify insurance claims

  3. regarding block gain in regards to defeating traditional web's policing problems

  4. "Why r there 20 diff innovation hubs around blockchain? Biggest block 2 adoption may be the inability for humans 2 arrive at consensus"

  5. Will be live-tweeting from yours truly

  6. The Dish Daily ಹಿಂಬಾಲಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಮತ್ತು
    • @StartupGrind

      Mentoring, educating, and connecting 400,000 entrepreneurs in 200 local Chapters in 85 countries.

    • @cs4good

      CS+Social Good is Stanford's official first student group focusing on the intersection of computer science and social impact.

  7. Stanford '16 Lea Coligado talks about role models for women in tech and her blog

  8. Stanford Student Enterprises launches Cardinal Ventures, startup incubator for Stanford students similar to

  9. Treehacks at , attracted 670 participants for Stanford's biggest hackathon yet.

  10. “Obama, if you’re watching this, we need H1B help” – Box CEO jokes at

  11. “The answer is no, because Google’s hired them all” – Box CEO Aaron Levie jokes on why there aren’t enough security engineers available

  12. "You have to have security through the entire lifecycle of developing your technology" - Box CEO Aaron Levie at

  13. "I've come out strongly and openly for net neutrality, for an open and free internet" - President

  14. "Yahoo and Google were pretty great student projects" - President

  15. "I was told by Ambassafor McFaul that if I came here you would "talk nerdy to me" - President

  16. "I like Stanford grads" - President Obama

  17. President Obama to Stanford students: "I've got to admit, I kind of want to go here."

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