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  1. “Preventing a nuclear 9/11 hinges on foiling terrorist efforts to acquire the capability” new book release--->

  2. A dirty bomb has been called not a weapon of mass destruction but a weapon of mass disruption

  3. If there is one is that has amazed me since 9/11 is that we have not seen a dirty bomb

  4. R. Litwak on the delicate diplomatic balancing act of nuclear arms reduction in & Live now--> m

  5. You have 3 options: you can bomb, you can negotiate or you can acquiese

  6. "North Korea does not respond well to pressure, but without pressure North Korea does not respond." Live Now--->

  7. “North Korea is known for its willingness to 'sell anything they have to anybody who has the cash to buy it.'”

  8. Robert Litwak: Korea views nuclear weapons as a deterrent and it is their one bargaining chip

  9. "Denying ISIS the capabilities of a state does not eliminate the threat of nuclear terrorism." Live Now----->

  10. Robert Litwak: The Islamic state is neither Islamic nor a state

  11. Nuclear terrorism encompasses a spectrum of threats-- but the deterence strategies all focus on state actors

  12. The countries of primary concern are each at inflection points

  13. "The key to adressing non-state terrorist threats are effective strategies towards the states" LIVE NOW--->

  14. There are solutions to that don't cost that much.

  15. David Sanger introduces new Book at Wilson: Deterring Nuclear Terrorism

  16. Live Now: Books at Wilson: Deterring Nuclear Terrorism

  17. Each pathway to nuclear acquisition by a non-state terrorist group is contingent on the actions of a state

  18. In a chaotic, multipolar world, could non-state actors get their hands on nuclear weapons?

  19. Four Cattle and a Farm: On Finding More Inclusive Solutions to Climate Change

  20. "A Rape and Murder Prompts Thousands of Argentine Women to Protest"

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