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  1. 13 minutes ago

    After severe weather, it's important to ensure your food, water & medical supplies are safe to use. Here’s how

  2. 1 hour ago

    Today outlined new steps we’re taking to help speed clinical drug development and lower costs

  3. Retweeted

    Did you evacuate bc of ? Return to your home or business ONLY after local authorities say it is safe.

  4. 4 hours ago

    Looking for hurricane safety resources? Visit for info about meds, medical devices, food, water, pets, & more.

  5. Retweeted

    An perspective: Flexibility & innovation in approval strategies for drugs

  6. Retweeted
    18 hours ago

    When returning to your home after a or , be aware that flood water may contain sewage.

  7. Retweeted
    22 hours ago

    Bravo Produce Inc. Recalls Maradol Papaya from Productores Y Exportadores De Carica Papaya De Tecomán Y Costa…

  8. Retweeted
    Sep 10

    & medical responders deploy to w/ medical equipment & supplies that will be used during the response to .

  9. Retweeted

    doctors & nurses saw nearly 5,000 patients. We've deployed even more resources to respond to .

  10. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    Power loss is common in severe storms. For refrigerated items, toss out if they were above 40°F for 2 hours+

  11. Retweeted

    is proud of our Commissioned Corps Officers who are part of this deployment to save lives and assist with recovery efforts

  12. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    Top officials met yesterday to discuss our ongoing hurricane preparation, response, & recovery efforts. ➡️

  13. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    . is building up medical support to aid protect health & save lives when makes landfall.

  14. Retweeted
    Sep 10

    Using a generator after ? Read the instructions b/4 you start it up!

    Preparedness Tip: Carbon Monoxide & Generator Safety
    Don't use generators or grills within 20 feet of home. Fumes can kill.
  15. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    If you rely on electricity powered medical equipment, batteries can literally be lifesavers. If you are in 's path, charge them now.

  16. Retweeted
    Sep 8

    Is your power out from a ? CO poisoning can kill! Know how to use alternate power sources safely.

  17. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    Older adults w/ health/medical concerns face special risks during disasters. Help older adults prepare for .

  18. Retweeted
    Sep 8

    Pregnant and in the path of ? Get tips on how to prepare and stay safe:

  19. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    Find out how hospitals & healthcare facilities can use volunteers to help respond to & recover from & .

  20. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    ¿Habla español? Siga y visite para recibir información crítica sobre los huracanes e .

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