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  1. Obama: 'We Have to Fight Terrorists in Way That Doesn't Create More Terrorists'

  2. New Ideas Help Construction Efforts in Mideast

  3. Winners and Losers When Jobs Move from Country to Country

  4. Ban Ki-moon Reflects on Decade at UN Helm

  5. Drowsiness as Risky for Drivers as Drunkenness, Study Finds

  6. At Least 1 Dead After Earthquake Hits Indonesia

  7. Indonesia Pledges to Protect Peatlands to Fight Climate Change, Haze

  8. Bolivia Detains Airline CEO After Colombia Soccer Crash

  9. US High School Students Fall Further Behind Global Peers, Survey Says

  10. Yemen Says UN Road Map to End Conflict Sets 'Dangerous Precedent'

  11. Little African Primate's Talents Inspire Leaping Robot

  12. Death toll at 18 amid dozens of collapsed buildings in Aceh from , officials say.

  13. Brazil's Economic Problems Remain Intractable for Temer

  14. Female Solar Entrepreneurs Drive East African Business Surge

  15. Trump Security Chief's Fueling of Conspiracy Theories Rattles Critics

  16. Cuba, US to Discuss Detente in Wake of Trump Election

  17. 'Rogue One' Has Keys to Enter 'Star Wars' Franchise, Says Director

  18. Venezuelans Protest Outside Vatican Over Political Prisoners

  19. Monitors: Syria's Russia-backed army has penetrated rebel-held parts of Aleppo's Old City, leaving rebel defenses on verge of collapse

  20. President-elect Donald Trump officially announces retired Marine Gen. James Mattis to be his Defense Secretary at rally in North Carolina.

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