Cathy Garzio


SF-based health care professional and loyal Stanford alum. Professional interests include career development, mentorship, diversity and balancing work-family

San Francisco
Joined June 2009


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    Sep 8

    . tells members of Stanford's 1st PA master's degree class that they'll be leaders in the profession:

  2. Sep 8

    I'm proud how Making SPACE helps great faculty feel calmer and more resilient. Workforce helps all of us.

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    Sep 7

    Latha Palaniappan is conducting 2 studies involving exercise for patients w/ Type 2 diabetes.

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    Sep 7

    Clinician, educator & mentor works at 2 clinics & organizes lectures @ lunch!

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    Sep 6

    Colonel amazing and moving Grand Rounds on medicine and war

  6. Sep 6

    This grand rounds was moving and important. Thank you Dr. Winslow!

  7. Sep 6
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    Sep 5

    are our neighbors, students, coworkers & members of our military. Ending is a betrayal to their commitment to our country. – at San Francisco City Hall

    , , and 7 others
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    Sep 5
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    Sep 5

    Stanford University's statement on the decision.

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    Sep 5

    Amazing. Denver students are walking out of class in protest of the Trump administration's announcement. Video:

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    Sep 1

    Trump GUTTED funding for ACA advertising—and SLASHED the open enrollment period. So he *really* doesn't want you to share this key info:

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    Sep 1

    We stand with Dreamers.

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    Sep 1

    September is Women in Medicine month! Watch for stories about who's leading the way at & around the world!

  15. Sep 1

    Now's not the time to step back from ACA

  16. Sep 1

    I want to help communicate about ACA open enrollment. Retweet if you do too!

  17. Aug 31

    Crowd-funding? Something else? We need to this!

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    Aug 29

    My new resident is trying to decide between fellowships in critical care and palliative medicine and I really think nephrology fits both.

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    Aug 29

    We are proud to be ranked in the top 10 nationally for Best Hospitals to Work for by Indeed.

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    Aug 28

    IMPORTANT: If you are awaiting rescue, hang a towel or sheet prominently so we can find you. Adresses are hard to spot.

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