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  2. Aug 3
  3. Aug 3

    Contrary 2 popular belief; tan, brown & skin is the way the universe & NATURE intended humans 2 B. Absence of is Abnormal

  4. Aug 1
  5. I wept after reading this, awash w/emotion raw fr these painful truths "How We Make Grow Up Too Fast"

  6. Aug 1

    A student has taken DOWN trolls who told her she's only there because she's 👊

  7. 18 hours ago

    Lol sorry I had to share a pic of this so called anti- lmao 😭😭😭😭😂

  8. Aug 1

    What I'm okay with is representation & perspective. Plenty of skilled talent in . Sadly, who knows?

  9. Aug 3

    I think Coffee saw this coming

  10. 9 hours ago

    We fully support the for 2017 by Minister & reject objections by & others to 51% Ownership

  11. Aug 2

    Open Letter to the and appeal to People NOT to vote ANC in 2019 unless the ANC is able to give you the People clear sign on

  12. 8 hours ago

    Agree. The fact is that for the past 23 years it's policies have in fact benefited the and few elites

  13. Jul 30
    Replying to

    How Despicable & Shameful of You to USE to SELL PRODUCTS! To Make People EVIL & People Innocent Victims

  14. 10 hours ago
  15. 8 hours ago
  16. Jul 30
    Replying to

    The BEE policies of ANC merely create a elite but do not address broadbased Empowerment or poverty or inequality

  17. Aug 1
  18. Aug 3

    You have to sacrifice what you are for what you want to become! – at Saint Vincent College

  19. 1 hour ago
  20. 2 hours ago

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