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  1. Sep 9
  2. Sep 5

    Writing a talk on Early PD Treatment Options: What, when, why? Any pearls of wisdom to share Twitter?

  3. 12 hours ago

    We recently hosted a Rapid Workshop to dream up solutions for our internal challenges.

  4. 11 hours ago
  5. 11 hours ago

    Already blamed and media for lack of turnout tomorrow and my loss. Who else? I have pages to fill for my next book.

  6. 11 hours ago

    The REAL REASON that Kickstarter Campaigns Don’t Raise Funds

  7. Another successful workshop! Thanks to for helping energy solutions!

  8. 13 hours ago
    Replying to

    1/2 Is there way to see Q's that others are already asking or better (1) vote Q's up or down; & (2) let voters answers?

  9. 14 hours ago

    MIT is crowdsourcing hurricane flood maps in Florida

  10. 14 hours ago

    Team Develops Plan to Globally Breakthrough to End ’s

  11. 15 hours ago
  12. Sep 10
  13. Sep 9

    After all the votes and great feedback the Izzy logo has been birthed! Thank you all for your help!

  14. Sep 9

    Crowd Source Rescue is Live Better is a neighbor close by, than a brother far away!

  15. Sep 9

    (2/3) The nav tool helped in the evac best, but only because it uses nav. But the nav leader is

  16. Sep 9
  17. Sep 8

    Seasons are changing- what advice do retailers have for readying their hot tubs for colder weather?

  18. Sep 8
  19. Sep 8

    With on in , I hope more users join in to bus location data with the Transit smartphone app! 🚍

  20. Sep 8

    The first presentation is on - 'Saife Route' using to safe routes for users

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