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  2. Sep 3

    ? has thirteen world records in addition to his recent two Twitter records >

  3. Sep 6

    : Energy released by a could, if converted into electricity, supply the U.S. for 3 years! info

  4. 8 hours ago

    : 95% of seniors have taken part in an internship, a research project, study abroad or other students engagement opportunity?

  5. Sep 7

    Hey , that is also taking part in some innovative research w/ ? ✨

  6. Sep 6

    that a solar flare is an intense burst of radiation that occurs when built up magnetic energy is suddenly released?

  7. 16 hours ago

    Did you know? Tigers can live up to 15 years in the wild

  8. 1 hour ago

    : A revolutionary woman can't have no reactionary man...

  9. It took 22 days for LNG tanker f/ Norway🇳🇴 to South Korea🇰🇷 via 🇷🇺Northern Sea Route 🛳 🚢

  10. 5 hours ago

    the Fender Monterey Bluetooth speaker has two woofers and two tweeters for a pure tone? Learn more:

  11. 8 hours ago

    When hit US screens in '59 it earned a whopping $500K, making it the biggest hit to date.

  12. 8 hours ago

    Alive! is considered to be KISS's® breakthrough album. 🎸

  13. 9 hours ago

    : Danfoss offers the widest portfolio for all types of cold room applications.

  14. 15 hours ago

    with it’s possible to transfer human skills remotely? from explains how:

  15. 16 hours ago

    pioneer Jef Raskin named the Macintosh computer after his favorite 🍎– the McIntosh – Canada’s national apple?

    MacIntosh apples.
  16. 16 hours ago

    It's Animal Pain Awareness Month! Behavioral changes in our pets can be a key indicator of pain?

  17. 19 hours ago

    : 1 Million tonnes of food is thrown out by consumers and businesses in Ireland every year!

  18. 20 hours ago

    you can get a free themed mobile calendar wallpaper? Plus, stay entertained with Du Group’s apps

  19. 22 hours ago

    that 1 pound of newspaper can be to make 6 cereal boxes, 6 egg cartons or 2,000 sheets of writing paper? via

  20. Sep 9

    Indigenous peoples are custodians of 80% of the world's ?

  21. Sep 9

    In Uganda, 570 young women aged 15-24 acquire HIV every week, according to 2014 data from UNAIDS.

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