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  1. Sep 6

    Be a lie if I said I still didn't want one of these joints

  2. Sep 5

    Enlightening multidisciplinary meetings. /. Anticoagulation in cardiomyopathy prevent LV thrombus?

  3. Sep 5

    Pre-orders available for . Get 12 copies for the price of 10 (exc. P&P)! Email to order.

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    means more than just the lit. Needs to be interpreted in context of physician and patient.

  5. 4 hours ago

    Especially where there is no evidence that lowering A1c further to 7 or 8 improves CV outcomes or mortality.

  6. 5 hours ago
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    We invited lead author Dr. Cohen and he had Dr.l Ben-Meir respond. Listen to his expert interpretation.

  7. 6 hours ago

    Did you miss our free webinar on the & leveraging MCG's guidelines to help? Watch it now:

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    is critical connector from statistical significance to constructing meaning

  10. 10 hours ago

    Alongside , Rob's weekly is the highlight of my Sunday evenings. 300 not out, a staple in and world

  11. 11 hours ago
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    Even clinicians may not know they're overtreating. Much variation, inadequate attn to . So much harmful waste.

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  14. Sep 9

    Honored to speak at Columbia Med School's largest SLIM event ever! Great to see our future docs passionate about

  15. Sep 8
  16. Sep 7

    Download MCG's free white paper on the . Learn how guidelines can help address the issue:

  17. Sep 7
  18. Sep 6

    The official logo! While & finalize songs, put this on ur beach blanket. Skate deck. Trapper keeper. Children.🕶

  19. Sep 6

    Thursday, Sept 7 at - Rhythm of Time w/ & 10-4am | No Cover | 21+

  20. Sep 6

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