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  2. : news channel N24 claims that suspect is from .

  3. Truck drives into a crowded Christmas Market in 's . Many people injured. Many unconscious on the ground. Reports of a shot.

  4. Listen, won't cut it. Only mass deportations of third world invaders will save and wants more of them!

  5. Horrified by the scene in . We are all praying for the victims. America stands with against terror.

  6. Hooray for multiculturalism🙄 💸Muslim migrant w four wives & 23 children claimed $389,000 a year in benefits

  7. AP:top security official in says man arrested in is from -had applied 4 asylum -12 killed

  8. I am with all my soul with all Berliners my hotel was neat the market last week

  9. HAS BLOOD SOAKED HANDS OF " fHow many more deaths? Merkel’s savaged after FOURTH killing spree

  10. Toronto stands in solidarity with the people of tonight after today's horrific violence at a Berlin Christmas market.

  11. Horrified by . My hearts goes to my beautiful people of . We must be strong so terrorists don't win & never they will!!

  12. My thoughts & condolences are w/ the people of following tonight's terrible tragedy in , leaving so many dead & injured.

  13. If your first thought, after a Muslim terrorist attack, is other Muslims being offended rather than the dead, you are scum.

  14. Very ironic but very true! All happened on 19.12.2016 They said but I only see

  15. 1) Reports that has claimed responsibility for attack are false. No such claim as of yet.

  16. We need to rise up and pass laws to ban Sharia Law in every state.

  17. Germany's only chance for survival is to vote in 2017. Get rid of Merkel and her open border policies that are getting killed.

  18. Truck plows through Christmas Market - most of 's twitter calm & factual. / tweet hysterically: "Muslims! Muslims!"

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