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  2. Sep 8

    Americans deserve access to high-quality , not heartless and dangerous cuts to .

  3. was the primary payer for 62% of certified nursing facility residents —about 832,000 people— in 2015

  4. Sep 5
  5. Sep 6

    Again, Cassidy-Graham block grants subsidies/expansion & caps rest of . Will lead to huge coverage losses: .

  6. Sep 7

    Pls retweet & Pls take 1min to watch & understand why protections & is so imp to families like mine. Get ready to fight again

  7. Sep 9

    2018 🔓Enrollment Begins 11/1 ➡️ *Enroll *Change plans *Qualify /

  8. Sep 4

    ⚡️ATTN: COLORADO Need 📚s for 9/7 to on Please DM me w/Name & Zip

  9. Sep 8
    Replying to

    Wouldnt it have been great if u could have paid nurses with expansion?

  10. Sep 9

    Remember when we talked? I told you kids like mine would die if is repealed & cut? Do you care?

  11. covers 22% of inpatient hospital stays at Level I & II trauma centers. More on its role in trauma care:

  12. Sep 6

    Graham-Cassidy guts . We :must: stop that from happening. Listen, I know continually fighting to protect healthcare sucks. 1/

  13. Thanks to (OHP), Lauri has the peace of mind that if her wife gets sick, she can get the care she needs.

  14. Sep 6

    3/ Congress needs to hear the voices of those who depend on - which the Graham-Cassidy bill would devastate.

  15. Sep 9

    Understand why is imp to fragile kids- your plan to cut it will put this prgrm at risk & their lives!! Watch👇🏻

  16. Sep 9

    your plan to repeal & gut would force some to have to institutionalize their fragile kids. This setting👇🏻vs loving home

  17. What to watch for this fall that could have implications for

  18. Sep 1
  19. Sep 7

    Cassidy-Graham ends expansion, cuts coverage—time to end the repeal crusade and focus on bipartisan fixes.

  20. Sep 7
    Replying to

    We're also taking action to give & doctors & patients greater flexibility in meeting emergency health needs.

  21. Sep 7

    This would force states to make cuts/changes to Optional prgrms that fragile kids rely on could be cut & will put lives at risk!

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