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  2. Sep 6

    Happy ! Get to know four-legged explorers who are great at sniffing out adventure 🐶

  3. Sep 7
  4. Sep 8
  5. Sep 1

    I missed but it's never too late

  6. Sep 4

    "Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." ~Mark Twain

  7. Sep 2

    Happy to me and my brother and sister in arms

  8. Sep 1

    my ex tried to post a pic of my dog and say , like nigga you never took care of him and now he's "yours" 😂

  9. Sep 6
  10. 59 minutes ago

    spent with my bf into bnha

  11. 3 hours ago

    Delighted from our women! ...

  12. 5 hours ago

    spent with was salt, the rest r rolls

  13. 15 hours ago
  14. 16 hours ago

    Happy from Bailey the Berner to all you Guitar Dogs out there!

  15. Sep 9

    Happy ! are on the rise as are more people having pets. What type of pet do you have? Let us know!

  16. Sep 9
  17. Sep 8

    Apparently I missed -here's my bitch!

  18. Sep 8

    sorry i'm late but couldn't leave my Rosie out

  19. Sep 7

    Think i missed national dog day but who gives a shit

  20. Sep 7
  21. Sep 5

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