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  1. Sep 7

    Happy Women in Medicine Day! Honored to learn from & train w strong inspiring female surgeons, my ultimate role models

  2. Sep 3

    Yes! Celebrate women physicians during ! But we must continue to advocate, advance, promote is elusive

  3. Sep 5

    Dr. Mary Walker, activist and 1st female surgeon in the U.S., received the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1865.

  4. Sep 7
  5. Sep 3

    As we celebrate it's a great time for to thank the women who lead and mentor us along the way.

  6. Sep 4

    happy to the strong powerful beautiful intelligent women who came before me and have paved the way for women entering medicine

  7. Sep 7

    Happy Women in Medicine Day - we're here celebrating at ! How are you celebrating the day?

  8. Sep 7

    The , dedicated women physician members of our Board of Trustees, wishing everyone a happy Women in Medicine Day!

  9. Sep 7

    Women in Medicine Day is today! Thank you to all the hardworking women in the field of medicine.

  10. Sep 4

    Elizabeth Blackwell, born in 1821 was the first woman to earn an M.D. degree in the United States.

  11. Sep 7

    It's Women in Medicine Day! Help us celebrate by sharing photos and memories of the women in medicine who inspire you using .

  12. Sep 6

    Did you know that every Chair of PMR at UTSW has been a woman? Phala Helm, Karen Kowalske, Kathy Bell? Texans go big or go home!

  13. Celebrating future leaders & caregivers for Women in Medicine Day. Thank you for your dedication every day!

  14. Sep 3

    Sept. 7 is the first-ever Women in Medicine Day. Help us celebrate! Share your story with other women in medicine by using .

  15. Sep 4

    Celebrating the brilliance of women in Medicine;true diversity is our unwavering priority.

  16. Sep 4

    : Never let someone else decide that medicine isn't right for you.

  17. Sep 3
  18. Sep 4

    Women wanting to lead in medicine can start when they’re students.

  19. Sep 3

    We support women in medicine. RT if you do, too.

  20. Sep 8

    It is not easy to be a pioneer — but oh, it is fascinating! - Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

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