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  2. Aug 31
  3. Aug 28

    So sad for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.. stay safe guys and be careful.

  4. is quite menacing on satellite this morning- Never want to see the eye clear out like that, typically means strengthening

  5. 8 hours ago

    Category 4 now has the classic "buzz-saw" look and continues W toward the islands. Latest models still show landing.

  6. Aug 31

    Some brave people in Lumberton, TX saved the life of a that was at risk of being swept away by flood waters from Harvey.

  7. 14 hours ago

    Incredible looking . Latest loop, movement looking almost due West with a slight wobble to the WSW in the last frame.

  8. : is now a Category 4 storm. If you or someone you know is in its path (S. FL, I'm looking at you), get ready now.

  9. 10 hours ago

    50 mins until the NHC 5PM update. Is it just us, or does look larger over the past few hours?

  10. Today's the day I make sure I set every detail of my plan since chances increasing near . No panic, just prepare!

  11. will threaten the Lesser Antilles midweek. Bahamas & U.S. East Coast should monitor the closely:

  12. Aug 30

    An ICE HSI Atlanta special agent pets a dog rescued from flood waters by the ICE HSI Atlanta RRT in

  13. Here's why the forecast for the U.S. is still uncertain and difficult:

  14. 7 hours ago

    Hello you should have an evacuation plan, and emergency supply kit ready! Know your evac route, be ready for !

  15. BREAKING: Hurricane Strengthens to a Category 4. Numerous watches and warnings are in effect:

  16. Aug 31

    is now a category 2 & is forecast to become a category 4 east of the Leeward Islands next week

  17. is strengthening this morning and is a potential growing threat to the United States. The latest:

  18. Aug 31

    Never made a forecast before for a major for 5 days so far east! is uncommonly strong there and should be watched closely.

  19. BREAKING: Hurricane triggers new warnings for the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands:

  20. Major is expected to approach the northern Leeward Islands by late Tuesday:

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