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  1. 7 hours ago
  2. Sep 8

    Harriet Lane Handbook 21e has a potentially harmful dosage error. Form to receive a sticker erratum by mail

  3. Sep 6

    Finally created a "squirrel" rule in Outlook for MEDLIB-L. Should have done this years ago.

  4. Sep 7

    Pleased to share that I have been invited to serve on the JMLA Editorial Board!

  5. Sep 6

    Patron's guess on price of "Resource That Shall Not Be Named" was 4% of the last quote I received for it (2009; more today).

  6. 3 hours ago
  7. 8 hours ago
  8. 13 hours ago

    On my way to Georgia Biomedical Informatics Course! Need a hashtag; how about for the week?

  9. 14 hours ago
  10. Sep 9

    Monday starts Peer Review week. Here's a new related article from JeSLIB

  11. Sep 8

    chatting with dr today, she's ETSU med grad last year and had super nice things to say about your library and :)

  12. Sep 8

    4 submissions today to /NLM feedback for Mesh. There should be a achievement badge for things like that.

  13. Sep 8

    What is a Living ? Interim guidance on living at Cochrane Community

  14. Sep 8
  15. Sep 8

    Hey, ! Columbia, MO, is beautiful in October! Join for our 50th annual meeting!

  16. Sep 8

    How the lack of diversity in Clinical Trials is a huge problem for everyone --

  17. Sep 8

    Predatory OA journals increasingly using PMC as a backdoor to get indexed in PubMed

  18. Sep 7

    I don't get to lit searches everyday so I relish when I do b/c I love falling down rabbit holes after finding interesting studies

  19. Sep 7
  20. Sep 7

    Assessing the validity of abbreviated literature searches for rapid reviews: protocol of a ...

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