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  1. Sep 6

    A linear perspective produces and a i.e. denial of , poverty, and freedom..need for

  2. Sep 8

    The system always protects its own. Regardless of which political party is in power. Always. is needed.

  3. To achieve , 1-2 yr grants often fall short. 15 major success stories required decades:

  4. Sep 10

    You don't get to let yourself off the hook by pointing out that it doesn't come easy to you.

  5. 2 hours ago

    ⚡️ “Wisdom, Compassion Needed for Unpreced Challenges Ahead”

  6. 11 hours ago
  7. 13 hours ago

    Beyond Organizational Scale: How Social Entrepreneurs Create via

  8. 5 key elements of 15 world-changing initiatives that actually broke through

  9. Sep 10
  10. Sep 9
  11. Sep 9

    More Moonshots Needed To Tackle Complex Challenges?

  12. Sep 8
  13. Sep 8

    Stuart Pledger is talking about complexity, , and sustainable leadership and neuroscience!

  14. Sep 8

    I wonder who my 500th follower is going to be? It might be someone interested in strength-based community coaching aimed at ?

  15. Sep 7
  16. Sep 7
  17. Sep 6

    The all new intro & afterword of the digital copy of Doing Good Great explores our approach.

  18. Sep 6

    Productive day & lots going on the next few weeks, exciting times!

  19. Sep 6

    For partners working in this is a great chance to share ideas in a new series

  20. Sep 6

    Habiba's in Manchester today with this talented lot discussing sharing learning from a year long inquiry into &

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