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Resident physician at . Previously graduate, blogger. Interested in oncology, ethics, writing, and healthcare innovation.

Joined July 2010


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  1. 3 hours ago

    Really good piece on thinking about cancer not as a lone aggressor, but on the environments that allow their spread

  2. Aug 30
  3. Aug 12

    Let's stop treating 70 and 90 year-olds the same. "Life is a three-act play." Wise words from

  4. Retweeted

    Women, math, solidarity. From ’s lovely remembrance of Maryam Mirzakhani, first female Fields medalist

  5. Retweeted
    Jul 15

    My heart is heavy. What an amazing, remarkable woman. We are in mourning.

  6. Jul 7
  7. Jul 3

    How California (and Stanford) dramatically reduced deaths during childbirth - and how others can follow.

  8. Jul 3

    ICYMI. My advice to new doctors as they start intern year.

  9. Jun 29

    My piece today in : advice to new doctors, from a senior resident.

  10. Jun 23

    3. Last paragraph key. We still work up to 28 hour shifts. As a general rule, better work environments make kinder employees.

  11. Jun 23

    2. If a previously nice doc is becoming a bully, why? Depression, addiction more common in docs than general population. They may need help.

  12. Jun 23

    1. Leadership matters. Knew a fellow who received complaints from nurses, interns. Chair of dept said he must fix it. Now, he's a new person

  13. Jun 23

    Three years after writing this (and now 2 years as a practicing physician), I'm glad still quite relevant. Some additional thoughts:

  14. Jun 6

    "A 5 sentence letter was heavily and uncritically cited as evidence that addiction was rare with long-term opioids"

  15. Retweeted
    May 23

    Our latest: across a range of conditions, patients died less often at teaching hospitals than at other hospitals.

  16. May 20

    No writer manages to make me laugh and cry at the same time as Etgar Keret. (H/T )

  17. May 6
  18. Mar 20

    Can't wait to read all these magazines. Some of which I didn't know of before.

  19. Mar 14

    Thorough, fair reporting by on right-to-try experimental drugs. For most part, though, even "experts" favor

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