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  1. @bat020 @uaf: some Nazi has set up a fake UAF facebook page - - could people report it?
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  10. BECTU will support technicians who refuse to work on QT when Nick Griffin appears:
  11. RT @bat020 Calling all anti-fascists in the London area -- apply to be on the Question Time audience here:
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  15. Unite Against Fascism - It’s official: Richard Barnbrook is a Nazi liar
  16. demo outside City Hall in London against lying Nazi Richard Barnbrook on Twitpic
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  18. Thousands take to streets in Honduras|26Sep09|Socialist Worker
  20. See Owen Hatherley, author of 'Militant Modernism', at Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QE. Thursday 24th Sept, 6.30pm.